How to optimize picture resolution without compromising picture quality

This time Padi wants to share a way to optimize the resolution of the picture without affecting the quality of the picture. What Padi means by optimum in this post is how to reduce the resolution size of the picture without compromising the quality.

As we know the average picture has a size in megabytes of not less than 5mb. So if we have hundreds of pictures, it will cause us to need a large storage capacity to store the pictures either in the device. smartphone or on a PC. Maybe we can keep on Google Drive those pictures but until later, the Google Drive storage will be full and require you to upgrade the storage or delete some of the pictures inside Google Drive.

Image optimization is also important for a website. Especially if the website displays a lot of pictures on their website. Large image resolutions or sizes will cause web access times to be slow loading and open the entire website. The latency period of data transmission from server to user will be slow.

For this reason, the optimum of this picture or image is very important. So a simple technique to optimize images without compromising image quality is to use the ShortPixel service. Shortpixel is a website that is capable of optimizing image quality up to 90%. It means a picture that is 5 megabytes will be less than 0.5 mega bytes.

Shortpixel offers 100 free credits to try out their services. to use the Shortpixel service visit the website

Actually Padi web also uses ShortPixel 🙂 service

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