How to test your web speed.

Today Padi wants to share a way to test the loading speed of a website page. Everyone likes to open a fast website, if a slow website will cause us to lose visitors. The average good page loading is about 2 seconds. Loading pages that exceed 2 seconds are considered slow. The faster the page loads, the better your web rating.

So in this post, Padi wants to share how to check the loading page of a website. There are 3 popular websites that are used to check website loading pages. Gtmetrix, Pingdom and Page Speed Insight

But in this post, Padi wants to show you how to check and test your web speed using Gtmetrix.

The first step, enter the website and enter your website address. Like the picture below.

After that press "Test your site" to scan your website. This process takes less than a minute.

After a while, the website speed decision will come out. It seems Gtmetrix and give Grade A to the website which shows that the website is loading relatively fast and the access time is relatively fast.

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