A guide to buying a home at a young age.

Everyone wants to buy a house, said people buy a house at a young age because of career development, the beginning of life begins at a young age. Most school or university graduate youth will start looking for a job and strive to start their own lives.

Buying a home at a young age is a very wise move, as house prices are rising day by day. If compared to other assets such as cars and others. Homes are rarely depreciated assets.

Professor Dr Mohamad Fazli Sabri said house prices in Malaysia on average increased between 10 to 20 percent every year. For this reason young people are encouraged to buy at a young age because of the low loans when compared to buying at an older age. There are studies showing that 40 -year -olds still do not own a home.

Therefore, home ownership and purchase at home age is highly encouraged as the old saying goes, have fun first, have fun later. Control the urge and desire to buy an expensive car, make a personal loan or anything else that can make your finances disrupted. Instead buy a house first before buying other assets.

Padi wants to share there is a website that displays affordable housing projects in Malaysia. The website is projekrumah.com. Among the interesting things about this site are, most house project in displayed is no deposit, no legal fees and no booking fees. Projekrumah.com makes it easy for youths to own their own homes without incurring any cost. Many people are worried about buying a house because of the high deposit fees as well as there are unreasonable booking fees.

So for the youth out there, don’t miss the opportunity to own a home, take advantage of a young age to build assets before retirement.

ps: Alhamdulillah Padi bought a house before the age of 30.

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