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Official website submission is designed special for new website owner especially when they need free promotion for their brand new site. Currently we have Free Search engine submission services and Free backlink Builder. We submit your site to different high rank site and directory,also we create instant backlink for your website. We try our best and effort to make sure that every new website owner site manage to get indexed in search engine immediately.
We did it without expecting the return. If you like this website, make sure you bookmarked and tell others about this site. Please do not use this site as a paid services. We did call our site "free services" and We regret because some people use our site as a paid services on their site.

Website Optimization Tips


The excellent way to develop a consistent movement of traffic to our website is Search engine optimization and Seo Improvement. Seo is a best way to get lots of highly targetted traffic without spending a dime, its very important not to ignore this. Building backlink is one most effective factor to improve your position in search engines. and of course we offer this free. Its not enough to get extended number of links, as they wont do you much unless they are best quality. Many people selling very low quality backlinks at cheap price. So Becareful because many of their customer are mainly inexperiences and unpractised online marketers who are trying to rank well in search engines. The real theory, the search engine however, are good aware of this practise and will penalize you for it. So the best way to get the most from your backlinks is learn the different techniques that follow will help you realize how to get the appropiate and ethical kind of backlinks and make most of them.

Firstly, if you want Google, Yahoo or Bing see you, then put up the good links the first time. Do not participating in link exchange programme because you will get caught eventually. They are many of best strategies that you can use for backlinking, but dont easily trust any web claim free link exchange programme for their member because you do not want your time and hard word to be overlooked. In addition when you create links you have to know that they should never use the rel="nofollow" tag. They must have to be "Dofollow" in order to make it worth.

Based on my experience, make sure you're creating links only in text format. It is good for search engines, because search engine crawled million of web page everyday, Graphic are not going to be picked up by the search engines spiders. Its good for human not spider :) . Think of your backlinks as a navigation system made for the benefit of search engine optimization. When this ready, your link building is successful.

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